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Sharing waht the internet and free minds tinker with, maybe start here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bSDNNVD_g0&ab_channel=FAIRTALK

The Radiating Brain - Brain is a Transceiver and Measruable! - Psychotronics incoming!



Von Mensch zu Mensch

#34 Von Mensch zu Mensch: Prof. Dr. Karina Reiss - WIR brauchen EUCH!

we need tax on transactions payed into our common public hand to extinct common basic needs and fears. also tax on machine work, makes us invest into star trek. out of that, come a negative income tax u get paid to say yes and no, and even more if whish to.

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thats what the internet says on these topics, you have to make your own clues and have your own head: cia=rot******/fed(look the internet!) reuters=fed=rockefeller=mil ind complex=morgan=bayer=ig farben=hitler=monsanto, GLADIO, MK Ultra, Al Quaeda, ISIS close that in a cricle and find how they devide and conquer soon ordinary social democrats and extreme barbarian capitalists without any shades to be happy among that all. the secret is, these people dont care about happy lifes like social democratic states, they dont care about fascism, dictatorships nor anything else, they just play with the world and want control it. they dont do the rainforest burnings and aids nor any atrocities to finaly unite us like with an enemy unkown after the terroist (seem to be the agenda at the 21 cent as of now, but dont mistake them for the bad guys), they do it just bcs to control the rest for profit, in the name of science, freedom and democracy. so you have to see entities, not countries. lasst euch bloß nicht auf krieg nation gegen nation ein, das ist ein böses spiel! dont let force nation against nation "for unity", it just a bad game. worldpiece cant be in a oneworld gov earth, especialy not if ruled by the cia/roth..rocke...bilder... even the UNO is abused by cia/rot******/rockefel... they use the absurd and "occult and arcane" code of conduct and lead the world into nonsense beliefes of what once illuminati was meaning eg. the ppl who were enlightened didnt use that word, and in short enlightenment meant that everyone carries it in onesself, that truth leads to trust, and trust to love, all best without violence force nor totality. if you dont know what to do, try it with your truth, it may lead to trust in your listener and that the basis for love. arthur was truth, isolde love, the eddas, the upanishads, parcefal, romeo and juliet, arthur and the champions, alls is this same holy grail, truth-trust-love, arthur was born on an isola, her highness, the immortal evergreen. happy is who spreads peace, bcs these will be children of good, peace, love, luck and happyness! 

here is why something seems weird in the world, they redicule nationailsms in favour of a one world goverment, but where it ends? will be compatible with other worlds? does that mean infinite war and competition? r u insane? rockefeller council on population control mentality:(that 99% of errors in todays world politics, they dont let us be free*. seht euch das mal an:
“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/05/overpopulation-the-fallacy-behind-the-fallacy-of-global-warming/

its like a lucid dream but using an XR dreamscape mixcascade engine, and the brain as the like eg pc monitor with these imaginatory set of bcni goggles the perps put onto you when they connect to you. its mind and imagination controled(by the perps), and they can use heterodyning to copy anyones "colors" and manipulate. they can reinduce and also syntehically synthesised signals of patterns and samples of recorded as well as dynamically and interactively generated samples. they can induce impressions, synthesised ones, or recorded ones also of other people. it would be a cool technology if it was not abused that bad-, and sadly. let's keep up informing people and gaining publicity to the topic. information protects. wikileaks knows it already, the UN and FBI too. The CIA seems pointing to russia, but is for absolutely sure doing it itself as well. lets heads up, be strong, and win! we celeb a second bday.

it seems so "realistic" (dreamscape resultion blended into the perception) because whole spectrum of senses is available to be played on and project onto psychotronic brain computer neurofeedback interface fake perception layers, like visual, smell, taste, warm and cold, audio, habtics, also body control. you have to understand this: the real perps are sorts of operators at an psychotronic generator, it like a hightech radio, and not* the pedestrians or people you may think or beliefe or feel the perps are. the operator perps are in facilities like army centers, they do the whole hoax using psychotronics* by being connected to your brain by wireless TMS, wireless transcranial magnetic stimulation, it is so to say, the opposite of an EEG, which is wireless also in the form of RNM, remote-neural-monitoring. they can send u any signal containing impressions, feelings, sound, vision, body movement, rly everything plus* synthetic "pseudo feelings", dynamically, and interactive. 1* single real perp/operator in like an army center is enought to inscinate the hoal hoax for a "ti" or a group of "tis" by sending singnals onto fake perception layers. it is really like XR Holodecks in your head. fake perception layers eg visual, is adding like a walking couple, a pedestrian talking about you weird stuff and also things noone would ever do in real life days streets, a car, combined with the feeling that it is coming for you, a neighbour, anyone, projections of real existant people mixcascaded or intirely projected, or "fake people" which r rly not existant but in computers and imaginations. so you could literally rub a jeenies bottle, see a blue ghost coming out of it, and asking your whishes, same time it could look as if ur appearance changed when you look into a mirror. they could project little ponies onto your desktop table that seem real anyways, they could also send patterns of stress, fear, anything along it. it can anything a drug can, and everything more. radionics, psychotronics. read my observations and impressions here:

Captain Kirk on Psychotronics:
MIT - Thesis on the "Personal Space" Wave Bubble Circuit

a League, a Law, a Love - extase.net futability.info -

they can give u any impression and orchestrate even your body reaction including heterodyned crafted thoughts u almost cant differ from your own. like they can make u go almost nuts on any pedestrian u walk by, or cars passing the road outside the window. they can give u the impression that someone is coming for you, but it is all fake perception layers, it is not "real reality". read my texts i tried to put together with my own observations. the most evil things they do is canceling relations, eg your bf or gf, and conducting heterodyned suicide attempts. they put like a glove of your being on them, connect to you, and then "feel depressed", anxous, stressed, anything, plus they direct your thinking by inducing patterns of negative thinking they recorded on another occasion eg of your as well as other people. dont fall for it, know yourself and your real aims, by that, u will know when you are manipulated and your aims r contradicted. always try to keep your heads up, you are not alone in this, we will find ways to be truly free again, never let you down, together we make it! we win and celeb a second birthday. never let you down, never be violent, dont let rude be u, if they go low, we go high, michelle obama once said! All the best wishes!

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psychotronics,  testing for "fake alien invasion" aka project bluebeam(just for fun(d) action done by the shitty military industrial complex. know this perps: it a different if you are working for the  questionables and assosiates and fake people into a fraud believing in an enemy unknown to rais the arms budgedts globaly skyroket like 911 was for that also, just for money. watch the national press club disclosure project daughter of wernher von braun, she said it and it got researched, "after fake symetric wars of nations comes the assymetric war all against all aka that was 911 creating the "terrorist with no border". armstrade skyrocketed and that was it why it was made for. wernher von brauns daughter said after that comes the "enemy unknown", a military industrial complex funding project but with no end, thats why the whole hoax is made up. that is the fake alien invasion. and people, just to have said it, dont fear. they dont do this to unite us, but for endless profit and taking away our personal laws. so differ this: doing science bcs of studies on mental diseases to cure them one day like psychopathy, it will safe many bitter moments for all future mankind, and perpetrators doing it out of sadism and preparations for the project bluebeam that would lead to a millenia lie and a view to the sky in fear, making us impotent to reach for the stars with happy hearts! lets stop it! and all perps and doers of the psychotronic fields, reconsider and make the best for our childrens hearts sake! watch the clip in this posting also, it describes very well project bluebeam. let have souveraign nation states and do honorable trading, maybe management where needed, but not let go identities or your voice! we need to spread the word so it can be avoided and best! cia fake alien go to jail, scientist for curing nausea and other mental diseases go to benefit mankind and not some evil money pockets! all the best whishes

the fake alien invasion at fai.openout.blue
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