Psychotronic Neurofeedback - Part 1  All about Cloning Aka EEG Heterodyning

Psychotronic Neurofeedback - Part 1 All about Cloning Aka EEG Heterodyning

4 years
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Description: (aka the fake alien invasion after 911)


they can record your view and map it to some previously, almost instantly applied records of any piece of anything in the view. so you eg. scroll the screen in a webbrowser, and wenn you scroll up, voila, something may have changed, but its not changed on a bit level in the computers memory or the screen, but it changed in a bcni perception layers. there can be induced bcni(wireless brain computer neurofeedback interfaces) fake perception layers for all senses, visual, audio, haptic, taste, smell. you could have visible computer interfaces in your view on the go eg with this technology as well. think on it as sorts of bcni goggles, and that they are not really more than a augmented reality headset, but with your brain as the perceiver instead a eg computer screen. it can be done on dynamic living objects, eg you see someone walk by, and suddenly you see the person apparrently look at you and talk to you, but thats the fake perception then allready, only* visible for you, and anyone connected in your targeted group.

you can try to ask the perps to show you the trick and tell them that they will be in a better position than the rest of perps who didnt help at all. and its true, well it hardly possible to get better than sorts of coexist and the promis that all sides of better ones helping to quit this shit will have it better on the day x when judgment is.

i started doing testing in shielding, and i got an affiliate link for the aires emi protector devices, i try to get funds for testing other shielding tools. i want be honest with you, i got the aires guardian pro and shield pro, but in my psychotronic testing it didnt really help much, it may vary on the technology in question thats used on you, and since im not really aware what it is in my case, i cant tell, i feel its ELF haarplike, satelite microwave or maybe celltowers, there are patents for the usage of any of these technologies to do the psychotronics.

if you plan on trying it with the aires field processors for testing your situation, i put for funding my testing an affiliate link where i get 10%, and you get 10% for any piece you buy within a year from clicking it. that is the affiliate link, and your discount code would be "gerd10", maybe it helps in your case, i cant confirm it for you but sadly that it doesnt do the trick for me. open cards. i post my tested applications at my next try is to setup a 120db microwave beanie shielding with 4 of the "brain caps" from lessEMF, i got 2 allready but that is doing only 70db in dampening the signal by reflecting it, so that like your cell was half open still, so i try go for 120, which theroretically could do the trick as an reflector approach for mainly microwaves. my second big approach i try do research is shielding ELF with the aries can be possible when the signal comes from sattelite or celltowers, but im afraid not when it comes from an haarp array, for me, my guardian didnt do the trick. i will report on testing. all the best. i spent 500eur on testing materials so far and i am very low on money, to be true, i need money. if you think you want to support me please dont hesitate to do an transaction at my i will post any of my findings here and on my site for this task you can read about me and get a picture if you trust me by seeing my page h ttps:// and my personal findings within the last almost decade on what i could visualise from whats done and possible. only recently i am able to do a bit more bcs my perps also saw that that will be the best card, put bluntly, they also not sure what to do bcs the whole world gots grasping the ongoins more and more, and the more smart ones will see this as also their own insurance if they are clever to start looking their own heads as well, and some did, im not a hypocrite, but it true that those who do better will benefit when the day comes.


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