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the homo sapiens sapiens poem: dont suicide, its not a task, if you do and it not works, they redicule you, they, the perps, are being that just shit on it, also it software running, think of it as bcni goggles(psychotronic brain coimputer neurofeedback interfaces), like on drugs ur not all and the outside doesnt see except a mix of tech regarding crowd control in that manor, that are switched on with mental libraries loaded or switched off. in any cicumstances, be aware that it like a vr headset even if one could die in holodecks. i know it seems real, but theres the individual you, and the outside rest of the world in a world. know that the perpetrators can switch off these psychotronic mindgamings in blink of eye like a mouse button click. they use a virtual intelligence that imerses a bcni fake perception layer. its tech and its can be like holodecks with pains up to death. stay strong, think of the psycho nudging as it is, it is not* your* thinking* nor thoughts. think of it as a watcher from outside that perceives the whole mess. call all and everything they do even doings upon it scheme f, if they ask whats scheme f tell thats scheme f as well. this might give yourbrain rest knowing that. they do mindgames on the fly directed by your views, it looks like what people tell of project bluebeam, its very stupid. heads up, know yourself, never lose your aims and dont let u put down. we make it. also: the heavy mapping of brainsignature patterns that derive your being and thinking can be remapped and you could come to the conclusion that you are repatterned and crack now, but that is not true, if the machine is switched off your normal again. the ill patterned signatures are only temprar same as with wiping of thoughts etc, if you wtach it clearly you will see that you are always here. sry i can concentrate more atm see u. i whish to have this as a key future technology for health medizine, education and gaming. no worries, im a lucky star that didnt die yet ^^

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